COVID-19 Update: We are open


As Houston enters a mandated period of “Stay Home, Work Safe,” we will remain open, without interruption to our normal service. We are considered an essential business according to the Department of Homeland Security because we provide critical manufacturing for the energy and defense industrial base sectors.

At H&W Manufacturing our culture is built upon safety for our employees, contractors, and customers. We take the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and are responding appropriately to mitigate risk while also continuing the important work we do for our customers. It’s crucial to continue our contribution to the supply chain and our team is here to answer any questions you have about our operations. At this time, we are not experiencing delays in our work.

We are committed to working safe and are adding extra safety precautions to ensure the safety of our employees. These precautions include the following:

  • Employees have been provided information concerning symptoms and treatment of COVID-19.
  • We have taken steps to educate employees on preventative actions, such as proper hygiene and social distancing
  • Frequently touched surfaces are being routinely cleaned and disinfected and notices for employees to wash their hands and maintain good hygiene have been posted.
  • All large group company functions have been discontinued.
  • Outside visits from vendors, customers, or outside personnel have limited to only those critical to business operations.
  • We require any employee with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to stay home and seek medical attention and guidance before returning to work.
  • We are supporting employees that are at higher risk of developing serious complications to minimize their exposure.

Please reach out to us with any questions or any additional requests for how we can help. We wish your business and your family safety and health. We are closely monitoring all regulations and will keep you updated on any changes in our operations.

Our Quality Assurance Process at H&W Manufacturing

At H&W Manufacturing, we are committed to meeting all the expectations and requirements of our customers, especially when it comes to quality. We know that quality starts from the moment we receive an RFQ, and that is why our quality management system is built into each stage of manufacturing, from quote to ship.

We take pride in training each of our employees to understand and implement our quality processes with top management, who are ultimately responsible for its implementation. Below you will find an overview of the process we have developed to produce parts that meet your needs every time.

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Standard Fastener vs
Specialty Non-Standard Fastener

Sometimes it can be unclear if a piece requires custom manufacturing. Many commonly used standard size fasteners are stocked for off-the-shelf purchase by fastener distributors. There can be many reasons why a particular fastener may be a non-stocked special. However, some of the more common reasons are: non-standard size, material, quantity, and/or service requirements. If your fastener has one or any combination of these factors, it will likely require custom manufacturing.

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Simplifying your Machining Supply Chain

One of the best ways to simplify your machining supply chain is to reduce the number of vendors you manage. At H&W, in addition to our machining capabilities, we provide a variety of value-added services that allow us to offer turnkey manufacturing. Providing these services offers our customers shorter lead times, an easier-to-manage supply chain, and significant logistics cost-savings.

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Choosing the Right Machine Shop

Choosing the right machine shop to work with your business is important for your budget, process, and product quality. It’s critical to choose a shop that is adept at handling challenges that may arise during manufacturing and will be an efficient part of your larger supply chain. Here are a few key factor to consider when you are looking for a new machine shop to work with.

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